Goodacre & Townsend is an exclusive travel consultancy specialising in tailor-made luxury holidays worldwide.

In order to create the ideal itinerary, we collaborate with the people best placed to help us provide your perfect travel experience. That means talking to people on the ground in each destination and to the leading suppliers worldwide. Our role can include confirming your seats with airlines or arranging private jets; organising accommodation at the best hotels or negotiating your stay at a private villa or ski chalet; hiring a personal chef or finding a qualified nanny.

But before we call anyone in our extensive network, we talk to you. This website is not a ‘fill in the box’ tool and we do not offer pre-arranged packaged tours that follow specific itineraries. Your interpretation of luxury is unique to you, so we take the time to understand your needs – and then turn your vision into reality. We sift through the ever increasing number of luxury holiday brochures and dissect the multitude of travel options available.

Our commitment extends for the full duration of your break ensuring that all arrangements run as smoothly as possible. We aim not just to arrange holidays, but to create life – enhancing travel experiences to ensure you return home inspired and revitalised. By paying attention to every detail, we not only accommodate your requests, but attempt to exceed your expectations too. This is the cornerstone of our highly personalised and professional travel service.

Destinations in Demand

G&T visit Essaouira and Heure Bleue Palais

Just under 3 hours drive from Marrakech is the delightful coastal town of Essaouira. Probably the best known coastal tourist town of Morocco, this is more of a town on the sea than a beach resort.

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Patagonia at its best
Patagonia is a wonder of the world. It is impossible to choose just one highlight and a journey here needs careful planning.  The snow capped mountains of The Andes form